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Mission, Vision and Code of Conduct

Mission Statement:


The mission of the East Orange Campus High School Athletic Department is to foster academic and athletic achievement in our activities via emphasis on the importance of sacrifice, self-discipline, and dedication. We will provide competitive athletic programs that represent East Orange Campus High School in a dignified manner, and provide student athletes the opportunity to fortify physical, mental, ethical and social development. In doing so, the Athletic Department will provide high-quality coaching, formidable facilities that serve as venues for safe and high-caliber competition, as well as academic assistance to enhance success in the classroom. Our main purpose is to assist young scholar athletes in their educational endeavors to the fullest through support, guidance, and motivation. This tutelage is intended to provide maximum opportunities for our athletes to reach their fullest potential, both on and off the field.



Vision Statement:


The vision of the East Orange Campus High School Athletic Department is to reach the pinnacle of success within the classroom and all of its sports programs. By doing so, this will provide student athletes to develop both their athletic abilities and academic successes. Our vision is that all of our sports programs will be considered an asset to the academic standards set in our school, and will subsequently enhance all facets of the Jaguar culture through its innate ability to promote lifelong personal and communal wellness.



Code of Conduct:


East Orange Campus High School has a history and tradition of athletic excellence-- a tradition that was not built overnight. It took years of tireless work, dedication, and commitment. As a Jaguar, you must continue to strive to uphold this high standard of excellence. Once you have become a member of a team, you have made a choice to uphold certain standards expected of athletes in this community. Your participation in athletics is a privilege and should be treated as such. Any time you wear the red, blue, white and grey, you are representing yourself, your family, your school, and all those that have worn these colors before you. Your behavior should be above reproach in all areas. Students, staff, parents, and the community will closely observe your conduct.

The most important responsibility is to develop strength of character and positive values and behaviors. You owe it to yourself to attain the greatest possible benefit from your high school experiences. Your academic studies, and your participation in activities, helps prepare you for life as an adult. As an athlete, you assume a leadership role. You are judged by your conduct an attitudes, both on and off the field. Because of your leadership role, you can make positive contributions to your community and school. Be sure the example you set is a positive one.

Campus Athletics provides opportunities for all participating students to learn the values of cooperation, sportsmanship, pride, respect and leadership in a safe and supportive environment. Campus High School student athletes will:


  1.  Develop leadership characteristics through athletic competition that foray into the classroom and the future.
  2. Serve as role models within the school community, and will act in a manner that reinforces that role.
  3. Understand and recognize that self-discipline and sportsmanship are essential to a solid foundation.
  4. Understand that pride builds respect-- of self and others which help create strong and lasting bonds through athletic competitions.
  5. Accept that participation in athletics is not a right but a privilege, and that the privilege bears responsibility.
  6. Commit to excellence, have fun, and become lifelong learners.