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Idonije ArumemiHello, my name is Idonije Arumemi, and I'm proud to introduce myself as an Assistant Principal with a diverse background and a deep commitment to education. I was born in Nigeria, raised in the vibrant borough of Brooklyn, and educated in New Jersey. My educational journey has been marked by a dedication to fostering positive change and inspiring both students and educators to excel.
My educational career began within the Newark Public School system, where I served as a History teacher at Newark Vocational High School, previously known as West Kinney. During my tenure in Newark, spanning a decade, I actively embraced the concept of differentiated instruction, tailoring my teaching methods to cater to the diverse learning styles of my students. I firmly believe that education should be accessible and engaging for every student, and this principle has guided my approach throughout my career.
Pursuing my passion for creating a positive learning environment, I transitioned to the role of Disciplinarian/Dean at the Hart Middle Complex in East Orange. Here, I continued to work towards establishing a safe and nurturing atmosphere that supports students in their personal and academic growth.
In January 2022, I was honored to be appointed as the Acting Assistant Principal at Truth Middle School, where I continued to contribute to the academic and social development of the students. In July 2022, I was privileged to assume the role of Assistant Principal at Campus High School. In this capacity, I have been dedicated to guiding and supporting both students and faculty, creating an environment that fosters learning, growth, and success.
My leadership philosophy is grounded in the belief that leaders should inspire their followers with a clear vision and empower them to achieve it. Recognizing that everyone is unique, I strive to motivate and guide students and educators toward their full potential. I understand the importance of acknowledging and rewarding the dedication and performance of the staff, as this positive reinforcement leads to higher morale and a more effective learning environment.
In closing, I'd like to share a quote by Robert J. Hastings that resonates deeply with my educational journey: "Sooner or later, we must realize there is no one station, no one place to arrive at once and for all. The true joy of life is the trip." Education is an ongoing journey, and I'm committed to making it an enriching and fulfilling one for all those I have the privilege to work with. Thank you for entrusting me with this important role as an Assistant Principal at Campus High School.

Chamiris MantranaChamiris is proud to be the Assistant Principal at Campus and oversees the Career & Technical Education (CTE) Academies and Science Department. She grew up in Newark and is a graduate of the Newark public school system. Chamiris is passionate about inspiring young people to learn about their interests and providing opportunities for students to learn about different career options based on those interests in order to develop students who excel academically, succeed professionally, and positively impact the community. 

Chamiris attended New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) where she earned a B.S. in Chemical Engineering. After working for over a decade as an engineer in several pharmaceuticals, she transitioned to the classroom as a teacher in Newark Board of Education as an elementary teacher at Park Elementary then to Technology High School as an engineering teacher. She went on to earn a M.A. from St. Peter’s University in Educational Leadership.

Chamiris became Vice Principal at Technology High School overseeing the Science & CTE Department and worked to revamp the Career & Technical Education Program to include academies that aligned with industry trends and student interests. She worked to create critical partnerships with professional & higher education partners, as well as non-profit agencies in order to provide mentoring, college readiness, hands-on workshops, and volunteer opportunities for students. 

Chamiris went on to become a Special Assistance and then Supervisor of Career & Technical Education for Newark Board of Education. In this position, she continued to improve even more of student’s academic experiences by generating many CTE Academies across most of the high schools in the District.

Krysten HayesMs. Krysten Hayes is a seasoned educator with a distinguished career spanning two decades. She currently serves as one of the Assistant Principals at East Orange Campus High School. Her commitment to educational excellence and equity has consistently led to transformation within the educational community.


Ms. Hayes earned her undergraduate degree in Economics and African-American Studies at Wesleyan University in Middletown, CT.   This multidisciplinary foundation shaped her understanding of the intersection of economic and social factors impacting many black and brown communities, sparking a lifelong commitment to addressing disparities and creating a just and equitable society. 


Though her career began in a corporate setting, she soon realized her true calling lay in shaping young minds and fostering equitable opportunities for all children. Her professional journey in education commenced as a building-based substitute, and over the years, Ms. Hayes honed her teaching skills instructing all grade levels of elementary curricula, as well as middle school math.   Her hands-on, rigorous approach to learning, coupled with her unwavering belief in the potential of every child, led her students to achieve academic excellence. 


Recognizing the need for change in the educational system, Krysten pursued her Masters in Educational Leadership from St. Peter's University in Jersey City, NJ.  She was promoted to Assistant Principal of Benjamin Banneker Academy in 2011, and has since served in this role at Patrick Healy Middle School and now, East Orange Campus High School.  

MoralesMs. Morales has worked in Education for over 26 years as a Teacher, Bilingual Educator, ESL Teacher, Needs Coordinator Coach, Honor Society Advisor, New Teacher Mentor, Adjunct Liaison Professor for Montclair University and Department Chair of Instruction and Curriculum. Ms. Wirmarie Morales was born in Caguas, Puerto Rico, and moved to Newark, New Jersey, at the age of 5. From a young age, Ms. Morales felt the passion and drive to become an educator, never changing her response (a teacher) to the famous question, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" Ms. Morales is a product of the Newark Public Schools, where she graduated from Science High School. In 1998, Ms. Morales began her career as an educator at Ridge Street School, working with elementary and middle school students. After 23 years at  Ridge Street, Ms. Morales taught at Newark Vocational High School for the remainder of her time at the Newark Public Schools. Feeling the need to impact others at a greater scope, Ms. Morales moved into administration and serves as Department Chair at  East Orange Campus, where she oversees English Language Arts, English as a Second Language, and World Languages.

A daughter of ministers, Mr. Morales' foundation is Christ-centered. She believes all students deserve adults who love and are willing to pour into their lives. Children deserve grace, and she firmly believes in the quote, "Every child needs at least one adult who is irrationally crazy about him or her." Ms. Morales is an active member of Calvary Temple International, where she serves in the Children's Ministry, Translation Production, and on the prayer team. In addition to her full-time role at East Orange Campus High School, Ms. Morales's greatest blessing and responsibility is being a mother to three wonderful children: Jayleen, Angel, and Deeani.

Ms Morales holds a Bachelor's in Education with a minor in History from Kean University (1997), a Master's Degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages with a specialization in Linguistics with Distinction (2008) at Grand Canyon University, and a Master's Degree in Educational Leadership with Distinction from Kean University(2021). She hopes that together, we can stand firm to provide the students on Campus with the best Education possible! If we don't stand up for children, we don't stand for much.