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Welcome to the Special Education Department Webpage!

The Special Education Department at Campus encompasses grades 9-12. Students are enrolled in programs such as Fully Included, Self Contained, Shared-Time and Life Skills. Students receive instruction from highly qualified teachers per content area. Students who participate in the Shared-Time program receive work related skills for high school credit. Teachers within the department instruct with the perception that all students develop a positive mindset. Therefore, at the onset of the school year each teacher begins instruction by seeking to change the way students think about themselves, their content areas and abilities. A variety of strategies are implemented which appeal to the various learning styles as well as the multiple intelligence levels of the students.
Student autonomy is one of the priorities at Campus and never disregarded. The Campus environment because of size can be intimidating to students who have special needs. However, all students in the department are encouraged to advocated for themselves while seeking support from staff when required. Students within the Special Education department are encouraged to get involved and experience the Campus Life via sports, clubs and communities or to just mingle with the general population in extra curricular activities. There is a huge world awaiting them outside of this setting-- Campus as a prerequisite and gaining autonomy will facilitate the students in navigating the system.