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Teen Science Cafe Program

The Teen Science cafe is a series of fun events in which teens socialize over food and refreshments before engaging with a STEM Professional in a spirited conversation about cutting edge science or technology that is impacting our world. The East Orange Teen Science Cafe took off on March 8, 2017 with a fascinating presentation by Ms. Imani Powell, a Columbia-educated up and coming Forensic Scientist. The event was held at STEM Academy and Campus High. Students participated in a Science discussion on Forensic Science procedures. The students then performed the Phenolphthalein Tetramethyl Benzidine Test (P-TMB), a common Forensic procedure for identification of the protein Hemoglobin, a constituent of blood. Ms Powell also demonstrated the art of scientific questioning that generated outstanding student participation and interest. Two Virology undergraduate students from Kean University presented their research findings at a Cafe. Their findings included the ability of CaMKIV to translocate to the nucleus and regulate gene transcription.

In October 2017, Virian Serei M.D, Ph.D from the Robert Wood Johnson Medical Center, took students through the path to a medical and research career and had a lively discussion with students on the day to day activities of a Medical Doctor

These initial Cafes were followed by a series of equally engaging activities in late 2018. This year we have lined up fascinating speakers at the monthly cafe’s starting this November 15.

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