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Intervention and Referral Services

Intervention & Referral Services:

Intervention and Referral Services (I&RS) is an interdisciplinary team of professionals within the school environment who come together throughout the school year to formulate coordinated services and team delivery systems to address the full range of student learning, behavior, social and health problems in the general education program, as well as for students determined to be in need of special education programs and services. According to N.J.A.C 6A: 16-8.1, 8.2, the goal of the committee is to see measurable student improvement in the identified target areas. Staff members refer students to the I&RS Committee through the Building Principal (Dr. Estrict), who then advises the parents of the referral. The I&RS Committee develops an Action Plan containing goals, interventions, and a timeline for the plan's duration.

Who Can Request Assistance for Services?:

Any staff member can request assistance for services. The staff must complete the "Request for Assistance" form, and his/her attendance is mandatory to complete the Action Plan. Upon making a request, the staff member agrees to be a vital member of the team for the entire duration of the team for the entire duration of the case. There are four teams-- each grade level has its own team. Please be sure to contact the respective grade level chairpersons when requesting assistance for services.

I&RS Chairpersons by Grade:

Grade 09: Mr. Brian Tidwell and Ms. Patricia Henderson
Grade 10: Ms. Dashua Hinton and Ms. Patricia Henderson
Grade 11: Ms. Bridget Jackson and Ms. Tracie Sims
Grade 12: Mr. Tariq Muhammad and Ms. Tracie Sims

The Role of the Parent/Guardian:

Parents/guardians may request assistance for their child. Parents are encouraged to contact their child's school counselor to start the process. Regardless of who requests assistance for a student, the parent/guardian is invited to be part of their child's I&RS process. Parental involvement is vital to the I&RS process. Thus, parents are encouraged to complete a questionnaire and/or participate in the I&RS conference. This allows the team to strengthen the relationship between home and school. As a result, the team is able to develop a comprehensive action plan for the student.

Prior to submitting an I&RS request for assistance form, staff members must:

  1. Identify student in need or intervention.
  2. Try various appropriate interventions based on the student's need. Document the interventions, length of time used, and the effectiveness. If interventions are ineffective, refer to I&RS.
  3. Inform parents of referral to I&RS.
  4. Complete in detail all parts of the I&RS referral packet, and attach all documents required. ALL of the identified student's teachers must collaborate in completing the referral packet, which includes:
    1. Initial Request for Assistance Form
    2. Prior Interventions Checklist
    3. Teacher Information Collection Form
    4. Attendance Form
    5. Discipline Form (to be completed by teacher and/or disciplinarian)
    6. School Health Form (to be completed by school nurse)
    7. School Counselor/Social Worker Form (to be completed by school counselor and/or social worker)
    8. Student Self-Assessment Sheet

How Does the I&RS Process Work?

  1. Once a request is received, a case coordinator will be assigned.
  2. The parent/guardian may be contacted for additional information.
  3. The staff member requesting assistance becomes an active part of the I&RS team for their student's case.
  4. After reviewing information, the I&RS team may develop an action plan to help achieve the desired behavior and/or outcome (s).
  5. About 4-6 weeks after the development of an action plan, the team will have a follow-up meeting regarding the student to determine if the interventions and strategies were effective. At that time, it will be determined whether the case will be closed or if a new/modified action plan needs to be developed.