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Student of the Month

Kimonie Treston is a Senior here at EOCHS!!  She was nominated to be the Good Citizen of the month by her English teacher, Ms. Spencer.
Ms. Spencer stated, "Despite the challenges of virtual instruction, the student has completed her assignments with excellence in my fast-paced, college-level AP Chemistry class. She tied for first place among all my AP Chemistry students in terms of her average on the first cycle mid-cycle report, which was a 111% A."
Kiomie enjoyes cooking, reading and experimenting with cosmetics and hair styles.  Her favorite course at Campus is Chemistry.
After high school she plans to attend college.
Kimonie's message to her peers is, "it's okay to take breaks whenever you may feel too overwhelmed. Pushing yourself to do your very best is great, but your accomplishments won't happen all at once. You have to be patient with yourself, take things one step at a time and remind yourself you’re doing a good job."
Safia IIboudo is an 11th grade student at EOCHS.  She was nominated for student of the month by her Chemistry teacher, Mr. Menzel.
Mr. Menzel explained Safia resiliency and focus on academic when he stated, "Even though Safia's primary academic language is French, she does her very best to participate in class and complete her assignments well, regardless of the challenges posed by the current virtual format of instruction. She earned the highest average among all of my students in Chemistry on her progress report, which was a 101% A."
Safia favorite courses of study are Spanish, Chemistry, and ESL III. After high school, she plans to attend college and pursue a doctoral degree. Safia wants her peers to know they should "work hard to make their parents proud and to concentrate on their school work; sooner or later we all have to fight to get what we want out of life, so start now."

Yismeli Espinal is a 9th grader here at East Orange Campus High School.  She was nominated to be Student of the Month by her Physical Education teacher, Mr. Kessaris.

Mr. Kessaris stated that Yismeli "completes her work while the class is in session" and she currently has an "A" in the course.  

Yismeli enjoys playing volleyball and plays whenever she has time.  After high school she plans to attend college.  Her advice to her peers is "work hard now so you don't have to work hard in the future."